This weekend, I went to Tribeca Film Festival with a friend from NYU!  It was so much fun and the films that I saw were absolutely amazing.  The first movie I saw is called Lily.  It is a narrative loosely based on the real-life experiences of co-writer and lead actress Amy Grantham.  It is an immersion into a rarely explored side of the cancer narrative: the moment when the disease is gone and the survivor is thrown back into everyday life.  It was so beautiful.

The second film I watched is a documentary called The Motivation, which is AWESOME!  It is about the 8 street skaters that made it to Street League last year.  Founded by Rob Dyrdek of MTV’s Rob & Big, Street League is where true credibility is fought for and earned, as these professional skateboarders lay it all on the line.  It was one of the most nerve-wracking documentaries I’ve ever watched and I’m hoping to make it to Street League this summer!

One of the coolest parts about attending a film festival is seeing the world premiere of different independent films and getting to speak to and meet the actors, directors, and producers!  After each film, the directors and producers discussed the process of making each of their films and answered questions asked by audience members.  Some of the actors were in the audience, so it was awesome to see them too!

If and when you get a chance to see these films, please do so!  You won’t regret it:)

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